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We offer you a one-stop center for the whole concept of the Fun Food business. In addition to Magic Corn, we also present a complimentary range of wholesome food items that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Each product line comes as a whole package, complete with the accompanying equipment, ingredient, packaging, utensils, displays, and menu.

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Magic Corn 3-step Diagram

Step 1Add ingredients

Step 2Set timer

Step 2Ready to serve!

Universal Appeal

Anytime is a good time for Magic Corn. It’s altogether wholesome, nutritious, crunchy, sweet, and juicy. It’s an easy and popular high quality snack food that has also been endorsed by JAKIM.

Popular locations to start your business include canteens, shopping malls, food courts, cineplexes, theme parks, office complexes, train/bus stations, stadiums ... the list is endless. In fact, any place where people congregate is a perfect spot.

For more information, contact us directly or via email and we will be happy to assist you.

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