Why choose Us?

Welcome to Magic Corn!Leaders since 1988

We have been leaders in the field of providing high quality sweet corn since 1988. In addition to over a thousand acres of prime farmland, we have an extensive sales and service network all over the country and beyond. Read our company profile.

Why choose Us?

DistributorsPartner with us

We’re always interested in entrepreneurs who want to start their own business – in short, we’re looking for partners who will be eager to take advantage of our experience and support system. We offer you a one-stop center for the whole concept of the Fun Food business.

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Why choose Us?

Tasting is BelievingCrunch, Juicy, Nutricious

Experience the crunchiness and juiciness of our unique whole non-cut kernels. It seals in all the natural nutritional goodness without any preservatives.

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Fun Food

Magic Corn, our premium product, is well-supported by a range of other popular food items that we collectively call the Fun Food concept. Among the most popular are the Waffle Cake, Kaya Ball, and Magic Tokiwado. Others include the Waffle Cone, Magic Caramel Popcorn, Magic Cotton Candy, Magic Ice Blended, and Magic Slush.

Together, they represent the best and most comprehensive range of healthy and delicious snack foods available.

Each product comes as a whole package, complete with equipment, ingredients, packaging, and displays.

The Fun Food concept is a high profit, low investment business that doesn’t require any complicated training. If you are interested in starting your own Fun Food business, learn more here